Cyrino, Monica S. (dir), Rome season two : trial and triumph. Screening antiquity.

Cyrino, Monica S. (dir.),  Rome season two: trial and triumph. Screening antiquity, Edimbourg, Edinburgh University Press, 2015. 253 pages. $120.00. ISBN 9781474400275


Cet ouvrage atypique propose une analyse filmique et historique de certaines scènes de la série HBO « Rome ».

Le résumé sur le site de l’éditeur : 

A collection of 17 cutting-edge essays on Rome Season Two Set in the turbulent years after Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, Season Two of the HBO-BBC series Rome lays bare a city shaken by the violent power struggle between Octavian, Caesar’s adopted son and heir, and Mark Antony, his most trusted general, bound in the seductive spell of Cleopatra. Rome Season Two: Trial & Triumph is the first academic volume to explore the second season of this critically acclaimed and commercially successful drama. It brings together seventeen pioneering and provocative essays written by an international cast of leading classical scholars and media critics. Focusing on the series’ historical framework, visual and narrative style, thematic overtones, and influence on modern popular culture, this book also engages with the authenticity of the production and considers its place in the tradition of epic films and television series set in ancient Rome. Both scholarly and entertaining, this volume will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars in Classics and Ancient History as well as Film and Media Studies.

Key Features

  • The only academic volume focused exclusively on Season Two of Rome
  • Showcases both established and up-and-coming international scholars
  • Edited by a leading contemporary scholar in the field
  • Original, cutting edge research in fields of history, politics, gender, film, fan culture
  • Explores the theme of Rome on screen from multiple angles: history, Classics, film studies, reception studies, gender studies, viewer response theory

Des informations complémentaires sur le site de l’éditeur :


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