Richard P. Saller, Patriarchy, Property and Death in the Roman Family, Cambridge, 1997.

Richard P. SallerPatriarchy, Property and Death in the Roman FamilyCambridge, 1997.

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Présentation sur le site de l’éditeur :

The figure of the Roman father has traditionally provided the pattern of patriarchy in European thought. This book shows how the social realities and cultural representations diverged from this paradigm. Demographic analysis and computer simulation demonstrate that before adulthood most Romans lost their fathers by death. Close reading of Latin texts reveals Roman fathers as devoted and loving and not harsh exploitative masters of slaves. The demographic and cultural contexts deepen our understanding of how the patrimony was transmitted.

  • Challenge to standard view of Roman patriarchy
  • Multiple approaches, including demographic, linguistic and legal
  • One of the most successful recent books in the Population Studies series


Table des matières :

1. Introduction: approaches to the history of the Roman family

Part I. Roman Life Course and Kinship: Biology and Culture:
2. Roman patterns of death, marriage and birth
3. Simulations of Roman family and kinship

Part II. Roman Family and Culture: Definitions and Norms:
4. Familia and domus: defining and representing the Roman family and household
5. Pietas and patria potestas: obligation and power in the Roman household
6. Whips and words: discipline and punishment in the Roman household

Part III. The Devolution of Property in the Roman Family:
7. Strategies of succession in Roman families
8. Guardianship of Roman children
9. Dowries and daughters in Rome
10. Conclusion

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